Message from Pastor Cynthia

August 24, 2017


Dear Beloved Community,

Did you experience the solar eclipse? What a glorious happening! The dance of light, darkness, and shadows. Although the determined, gradual process of watching the slow covering of the sun by the shadow of the moon was spectacular; it was the uncovering, the brilliant burst of the diamond light, that captured my soul, heart, and mind. Yes, I know we couldn’t see that part live here in MN with the cloud cover; yet thank goodness for all the photos from around the US.

Many have said it seems as if things are getting worse in these times in which we live. I, however, agree with author and activist Adrienne Maree Brown, that we are experiencing not a worsening, but rather an uncovering of the troublesome realities lurking below the surface. I believe we are also experiencing a re-energizing, a re-commitment to being a people who turn towards God’s light and courageously walk in this Light.

This Sunday in worship we’ll play with this dance of light, darkness, and shadows as we engage Church Vitality: Part 2. And we’ll be a people who drink in the wisdom found in the gospel of John: “What has come into being in Jesus was life and the life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.” Through our words and actions, may it be so.

In gratitude to our God who calls us together to engage in life-giving, hope-stretching, justice-seeking, mutual ministry...

Blessings, Pastor Cynthia

If you missed Sunday's sermon, you are invited to listen here... Please share with friends and family, and invite them to worship too! 

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